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Re: your ideas for new Starfleet technology

I also think a good thought-experiment when it comes to this sort of thing does not include numbers-pulled-out-of-a-hat (subject to change as plot requires and begs the question "you crunched the numbers?"), or descriptions of physical appearance (really, there's only one configuration?).

No, instead give a general description of how it works, but the meat should be an exploration of the implications the new tech/science/capability has on the universe (cultural, social, economic, political, etc..)

Although this isn't as bad as when fans "design" ships (bleh, like just throwing together a picture to satisfy individual aesthetic desires is really "designing") and in a desperate attempt to make their creation "special" they say "it has advanced this and that." RIght, because it's going to be any more advanced than the rest of the stuff coming off the production lines in the same time period.
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