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Re: TV Ratings (Monday 16th February

^ CBS is big on retention and out of Two & Half Men (highest rated show of the night) it still draws the lowest viewer total and demo of the night for CBS. The other networks would always keep a show like it around but CBS can afford to chop even the most succesful shows never mind a show like Worst Week.

I don't think CBS put TTBT out of Two & Half Men the other week by chance they did it to test the pairing and it was a huge success. I can see CBS putting TBBT along with 2&HM next season and put a new show alongside HIMYM or give ROE a full 22 pickup for once.

CBS has picked up the rights for the web series smash hit "We Need Girlfriends" which should have a pilot and hopefully series up and running by 2010 probably in a small near season end role like ROE has at the moment of 9-13 eps just to test the waters.
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