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Re: Show me your ships!!

well the rough secs for the stellashield is that she was built just before the enterprise 'c' was built to replace the aging excelsiors though they ultimately never achieved that role as the new ambassador class was coming on line and were a much better platform for exploration and defense. thus only 20 were built though they did Sterling work exploring the beta quadrant in fact three survived into the dominion war though as rear ward patrol ships or supply ships with their saddle shuttle bays making resupply of other ships and bases easier, and never in the front line. two were scrapped as soon as the war ended the third was sold to a minor governmental project program though stripped of weapons.
crew of 500
photon torpedo's 2 for wards one aft magazine of 400 casings
shields are about the same as the ambassador class
speed max warp 9.5 cruising speed 6.8
length 500 meters
24 decks
Swift as the wind.
Gentle as a forest.
Fierce as fire.
Firm as a mountain.
Strike as powerful as thunder.
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