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your ideas for new Starfleet technology

What are your ideas for new Starfleet technology? We've seen the tried and true photon torpedo's, phasers, isolinear computer cores, bio-neural computer processing units, warp drives, and imuplse engines...But what do YOU think should be made? What new exciting technologies would be interesting?

I'll start:

A hybrid warp drive. It uses the slipstream drive's ability to focus warp fields via the deflector dish to focus the existing drive's warp fields emitted by the warp nacelles. In doing so, it pushes the drives maximum speed to warp 9.9977, or 15456.8 times the speed of light (versus the E-D's 9.6 max speed, or 1915.2 times the speed of light, or Voyager top speed of warp 9.975, or 5551.9 times the speed of light.). The max sustainable speed would be 9.9976, or 15106.7 times the speed of light. It's cruising velocity would be 9.997, or 13451 timse the speed of light. This requires Starfleet to renumber the warp scales, making the cruising speed warp 11 or so.

Another one is the Nano-computer core. Instead of being DECKS and DECKS high, this unit is contained in one room. Like the stoarge devices recovered by Voyager from a destroyed borg scout, these units use nano-probes to store and transferr information on a much much smaller scale. The nano-probes can self replicate if damaged, self repair, and if a unit is severely damaged it automatically shunts the knowlege to a safe location or another unit. It would look like this: There is a central processing unit that is the height of the room, roughly cylindrical. Outwards extends 6 "arms" that connect to 6 different "tables" containing a certain amount of nano-processing units. Each arm represents a department, tactical, command, engineering, sciences, medical, and general data. The central unit processes and distributes information to personell that request it. Keep in mind they ARE NOT borg nano-probes, but Starfleet designed nano-probes from what Starfleet learned after Voyager got home inn 2378.

Your turn
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