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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Are we talking about TOS? I only recall fusion being brought up in relation to the engines at one point in time... when Kirk was talking about overloading the Constellation's impulse engines...
The creators of TOS also talked about fusion being used for the impulse-engines and fusion used for the impulse-drives.

"The Enterprise has a secondary propulsion system. These are the impulse engines (same principle as rocket power), located at the rear of the "saucer section." Vessel speed, when using the impulse engine, is less than the speed of light. In case of total failure of all engine power sources, the vessel's gravitational and life support systems can be switched to battery power, with a full-load capacity of about one week."
It would take a hell of a lot of energy to generate an artificial gravity field, and inertial dampening and stuff. Those must be some amazing batteries...

But as an interesting sidebar, how much hydrogen do you think one would need to create an approximately 100 megaton explosion? A hint... the largest fusion based bomb ever exploded was the Tsar hydrogen bomb which yielded about 50 megatons as I recall.
Truthfully speaking you're not just providing a huge burst of power for an explosion. You are producing a continuous explosion for very long periods of time...

Keep in mind the ship is stated to weigh around 190,000 tons, though I'm not entirely sure, but it's a very large massive object. To accelerate and hold the kinds of speeds mentioned it would need some heavy duty thrust pushing it along.

Granted there is probably some kind of mass-reduction device or some kind of sublight-warp drive or a gravitational flywheel or whatever that might allow it to accelerate better, but such a device would require energy in it's own right. It would allow the impulse engines to be less powerful, however.

But you are right... there are lots of places for fuel storage if you wanted to use them that way. I would suggest this diagram when hunting for those spaces.

The grey-to-black areas on the individual decks represent space too short for standard personnel deck use... but would be just fine for equipment and storage. I plan on leaving a lot of that type of space open for others to interpret it as they want.

I don't know if all of these spaces would be used for fuel storage. The ship has batteries as you said, there are the phaser equipment and phaser-banks and shield generators. However there probably would still be a great deal of space.

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