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Re: Cloaking question

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I agree that the idea of holding formation and staying quiet is the most practical one for fleet movements from A to B. We haven't really seen cloaked fleets do anything more complicated than that, now have we?

OTOH, we know that people in the Trek future are capable of creating signals that have finite range. For example, the gravitic pull of the deck plates doesn't extend to the outside of the ship, or even to the next deck above or below; apparently, this type of artificial gravity dies down much faster than to the square of distance. It wouldn't be implausible, then, for cloaked Klingons to be talking with each other via special short-distance communicators that cannot be eavesdropped upon because their range is too short. Or they could use highly directional signal beams, much like naval vessels use signal lights that can only be viewed from dead ahead.

Such means would allow a fleet to make a synchronized turn without the use of classic subspace communications or other compromising signals. It would be tantalizingly like the clumsy maneuvers of naval vessels before WWII and the advent of ship-to-ship radio, rather akin to having a bunch of guys waving flags at each other.

Timo Saloniemi
Great job in explaining how it could be done...
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