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We realize that this, being the art forum, is going to have an expectation of heavier image use than most of the other fora, but we still need to observe both netiquette and common sense. Lately, there have been a number of instances where images were embedded in threads that either probably or definitely should not have been.

1. Do not embed images that are not hosted on your own space, whether it's a personal website or an account like Flickr or the variety of free image-hosting websites out there. Embedding images from other people's or companies' websites is bandwidth theft. This is addressed in the rules for the TrekBBS, and reiterated in the TrekArt FAQ, pinned at the top of this forum.

2. Please keep the maximum width of embedded images to no more than about 800 - 1024 pixels; even the latter can stretch the thread beyond the limits of many users' browsers, necessitating horizontal scrolling and generally making the thread more difficult to comprehend. This is a matter of courtesy, but the moderator retains the right to replace embedded images with links if he wishes to. Some leeway may be afforded, but it's generally best to use this as a guideline when posting images.

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