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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

You should keep in mind that right now I'm totally in model mode as I attempt to finish my studies of the 11 foot model. From that perspective, the timeline is pretty straight forward...
  • December 1964 ("The Cage") version
  • September 1965 ("WNMHGB") version
  • 1966-1969 (Series) version
  • 1974 (1st Garber) version
  • 1984 (2nd Garber) version
  • 1991 (Miarecki) version
It is important right now to use only those version references while I'm reverse engineering this model. Specially considering that my first version of these plans is going to be the first version of the model itself. I might find out something very interesting about either the WNMHGB or Series versions, but I have to make sure that I don't accidently add that to The Cage version if it wasn't actually there on it.

So right now I'm treating the Enterprise as a non-fiction, real historical artifact which I am attempting to document to the fullest degree possible.

When done, we'll need to go back and distill the features we want for the fictional Starship Enterprise. Some details we'll obviously want to keep... others we'll obviously want to discard (like the image below).

Yeah, when used as footage in the series itself, the first three versions were all mixed together. And we'll have to figure out where to draw the line on some stuff (or we could do what TOS-R did to differentiate the versions). But right now (in my mind), the Enterprise is a model that I'm trying to document.
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