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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea

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Over 220 pages into this. I like it quite a bit. It definitely feels like a change of pace; there's almost a Peter David-esque humor/bent in some of the passages (particularly the Ree subplot, which otherwise would feel like a stretch, but more on that in a later, full review). I'm glad to see Bralik getting airtime, as she is a character who I felt had a lot of potential and hasn't been visible enough in a while. And Titan now has a Delta Flyer-type craft? Pretty cool.
Cool, I'm glad to hear that about Bralik. I really liked Bralik, in the first two books, but we haven't seen much of her sense then. I think some said she did appear in Sword of Damocles, but I don't remember how much she did in it.
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