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Re: Proof This is Not Our Earth?

I've always asked myself... if there's no Earth (in the meaning of "our" Earth) in the BSG universe, what's the point of calling it Earth anyway?

If nuBSG's Earth is not "our Earth" then it's just another random planet and the BSG universe is just like the Star Wars universe... with the difference that there's some planet which is also called "Earth" by sheer coincidence.

One would think that the BSG planet "Earth" was called that way because the audience can identify with it. But there's not much to identify with it, if it's nothing more than an originally uninhabited planet which was colonized by artificial lifeforms from a distant world who then got nuked.

I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with the nuBSG universe being like the Star Wars universe, but then they should have kept Earth out of it.

I'm still hoping for the revelation that BSG's Earth is actually "our Earth" (or that there's a "real Earth" which is our Earth) and that the whole series takes place in the far future. Maybe Kobol was actually Earth's colony and that 13th/Cylon tribe started to look for mankind's original homeworld when they left Kobol thousands of years ago? But when they arrived the planet was deserted, because Earth's original population had evolved into the virtual beings and so the Kobollian Cylons re-colonized Earth. And among the virtual beings are still some Bob Dylan fans.

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