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Re: Proof This is Not Our Earth?

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Who says our Earth even exists in the Battlestar Galactica universe? It could just as well be an alternate universe, and perhaps make much more sense as one.
Every TV show, film, novel, etc. that ever existed, takes place in an alternate universe. This is no different.

As for Earth, well, I hope BSG's Earth is not too different from us. We don't know the timeframe when this show takes place, but I always assumed that our Earth exists there too. We could have died out and been replaced by the (Cylon) 13th Tribe, or it could be the distant past and our civilization could be destined to develop much later. Either way - you've got to have an Earth. That's one of the things you just don't change. Earth is Earth, no matter the universe. Make it too different and the name becomes meaningless.
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