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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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So if you were doing that episode how would you give a wink to the audience?
If I was writing it I wouldn't have done the scene at all.
So how would you have wound up the episode?
I suppose I'd do the realistic thing and bring the evidence to the main policeman guy, whatever his name was, then maybe they could set a trap and have the doctory man walk into it. Then I would end the episode by having Neelix attacked by a poisonous snake. For the kids.

If I had written this episode then it would have focused on Paris and his forced memories, I wouldn't have turned it into an investigation story half-way through the episode.

Praetor wrote:
Tuvok could have mentioned that an ancestor of his maintained that when everything implausible is eliminated, whatever remains, however impossible... demands you assemble all the suspects for a big reveal.
Now that's a fun idea I can get behind.

Emanations (*)

I read somewhere that Brannon Braga is an atheist and speaks at atheist conferences (there are atheist conferences?) so I guess this episode plays into that a little bit. As an atheist myself I think this is an interesting idea for an episode; a society who have an absolute certainty about the afterlife, but it turns out that they end up as decaying corpses on lifeless asteroids.

The problem is that the episode feels very scattered and failed to hold my interest largely due to some goofy performances by the guest roles. Then the episode ends by suggesting that there is strange energy patterns in the asteroid field which is probably a sign that these aliens really do go to an afterlife, which is a complete about-face on what the episode had been until that point. I come away from this episode not knowing what it was about.

This is another episode which could have been done on TNG, but it does contain Harry's first death, something he will experience a couple more times before Voyager finishes her journey.
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