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Re: "Do you believe in aliens"

I figure by the time any signals are picked up from Earth it will be thousands of years from now. We are one tiny little planet in the middle of nowhere. For all we know aliens might live on the opposite end of the galaxay and we are the only life in this part of the galaxy so it would take million of years for our signals to reach across.

Even if some alien race does pick them up, they might not have the technology to respond or fly to us.

Here is a question that I have: How did aliens evolve so fast if they exist. I am assuming everybody started off on an equal footing at the beginning of time. The universe was formed and then life began on different planets.

How did one life form evolve to the point where they are able to bridge the interstellar void? Did they have supergenes emplaced in their DNA when they started rising from the goo of their planet?

I personally believe God created all life, but I would like to think He made other life out there also.
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