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Re: TV Ratings (Wednesday 11th February)

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American people are too stupid to see the awesomeness that is time travel and they don't understand what is going on. Case in point, I have to explain everything to my mom afterwards.
"Americans" are stupid? Maybe it's just...oh forget it. Never insult anyone's Mom, even on teh internets.
Unless someone devotes a lot of time and thought to LOST, the show can be very confusing and many details can be forgotten.
Most people don't see the point of investing a lot of time and effort in remembering obscure details of some frakkin' TV show. I can't say I blame them: it's a fairly stupid thing to do. The fact that I like doing it doesn't make it any less silly. I'm certainly not going to stick my nose in the air and look down on those who perfer to invest their energies in more important things.

it would look bad to shit-can a show that's been nominated for a bunch of Emmys.
Pushing Daisies was nominated for Emmys and that didn't save it. It's a heartless business.
maybe somebody who understands these the workings of Amercian tv better than me can shed a more illumianting light on the subject!
Lost is safe for this season and next, and that's all there's going to be anyway.

The Renew/Cancel Index is a good resource for trying to predict what gets the axe. There are so many interrelating factors that it's hard to generalize.
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