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Re: Friday the 13th - Movie(remake) discussion, grading and SPOILERS

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Also, the reviews describing Jason as a pot farmer are silly. I don't even think the weed was bait, as I'd guessed. It seems like it cropped up because of the events described in the credits. Pamela whacked a bunch of pot smokers, and the pot left behind grew plants. Seeds tend to do that. From some reviews, I half expected to see him watering them.
I meant my remarks sarcastically, FWIW. I think your comments were pretty spot-on, particularly with regard to it never getting back up to the beginning quality. (And technically didn't Jason whack the first pot-growers? Pam just whacked the love-making counselors.)

However, I disagree on the likability of the second group of characters. The only one of them I felt bad for was the girl who helped Clay. Chewie and the hookah bit was funny, but he still annoyed the crap outta me. I much preferred the first group of characters (the pot-ranchers ) but even they were somewhat 'meh.'

Clay and his sister I felt empathy towards, though, but you really couldn't help but feel bad for them. The writers did everything to make them seem sympathetic, right up to the mother bit.
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