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Re: Joss Whedon wins again.

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But added together I'm beginning to see them less as "strong, independent women" and see it more as "Joss totally has this superior-female sexual fantasy where he gets all hot at the idea of being beat up by a woman."
I'm seeing it as, "forget the chicks, where are the hot guys?" It's ok when a show has a strong, butt-kicking women, such as Larren from SG:A, but there must be a Shep in the show for her to beat up.
I'm watching you, Vorta!
Well I'm very watchable.

So what gives with this show? The Dolls' added abilities are mental, so doesn't that mean they should be chosen for their physical attributes? In addition to sexy young females (and guys) for prostitution, there should be big beefy guys to do the butt-kicking jobs (why injecte Sierra with the memories of a trained assassin when they should have a stable of seven-foot-tall bodybuilders that they could do the same with?) and ordinary looking people in cases - such as hostage negotiation - where looks are either irrelevant or bland looks would be a benefit.

A Shep would fit right into this scenario, not as the victim of a dominatrix (the dominatrices are the ones in demand and who get paid after all) but as a suave gigalo type romancing rich women who are bored with their hubbies and their various straying, unreliable lovers. Some brainwashed guy who will never cheat on you or look at another woman because he can't would be immensely appealing to a lot of rich women interested in having their egos stroked by a harem of dumb, good-looking males.

In fact, I'd bet that would be the one area in which the Dollhouse really has what we in marketing call a USP - a unique selling proposition - that the competition (non brainwashed people doing the same job) cannot match and therefore allows you to charge a higher price. Do men really care if a hooker is just pretending to like being with them, and shows it? I doubt it. No advantage for Dollhouse, so they cannot charge a premium price and the business makes no sense, since their costs are obviously much higher than for the average prostitution ring. But our lobotomized Shep really does love only his sugar mama at any given time - no faking required. There's your USP.

This is a dumb show, but it's fun thinking up what specific jobs really could be "done better" by brainwashed zombies. I doubt there are many, but gigalo is one. How about others?

Can someone provide some context? what would a good figure be? what's this 2.0/6 mean?
Maybe not as horrible as it seems - Friday night sucks, after all. That rating allowed Dollhouse to tie for first in the 18-49 demographic, and it built on T:SCC's lead-in. So that would be survival-level ratings, assuming it doesn't drop next week, which it will. The show needed to get much better ratings than that for the premiere in order to survive the expected drop that all shows get, especially the ones who are highly touted but fail to deliver.
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