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James Bond wrote: View Post
and biased pseudo-review.
You call it names, yet don't even understand what a review is by calling it biased. This isn't Wikipedia you know: it's a personal REVIEW.

Evil_Kirkneivel wrote: View Post
Why is it that if your civilization has achieved warp, the Federation will proceed through normal diplomatic channels (for example, contact the leaders and arrange a meeting) but if your civilization has not achieved warp, the Federation feels it has the right to virtually invade your planet and perform clandestine spying - then have the gall to emerge and try to to get the leaders to trust the Federation after such an underhanded start!
I have no problem with what they did. For episodes like with the Mintakans it's akin to watching nature. They don't interfere, they study. While infiltration is a different kettle of fish, they are studying for when the big day comes. If a civlisation thinks it'll be the only one out there, then encouters aliens, bad stuff could happen. So the Federation is there to ease them into the process.
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