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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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I like "Ex Post Facto"; it has a dog in it, who wins the day. That is a great feature.

And the woman has feathers for hair. She's a mala right out of a telenovela; a perfect vilana type. I just don't know why the dog didn't bite her; that would have been more like it. Dogs know. But vilanas can get away with murder -- except not this time.

It's kind of in the vein of a "torture Paris" episode; he sort of inherited the venerable "torture O'Brien" legacy. Paris is my favorite, so I thoroughly enjoy seeing so much of him.

Seriously, the ability they have of seeing through someone else's eyes is fascinating. I would love to do that.
I like it too. A good detective story and a good Tuvok story as well. I like the way he solves the problem.

The only thing that I find a bit odd is actually the dog. I mean, there are dogs on the other side of the galaxy. Hmmmm.............

They should have made it a crossing between a dog and a lizard or something like that, something more "alien".

I actually re-watched "Parallax" and "Time And Again" yesterday and found an odd thing in "Time And Again" (OK, I've noticed that one before but never brought it up for discussion).

In "Caretaker", The Doctor is treating Kes when she comes on board the ship. He also treats Torres for the strange disease which she and Kim got after being kidnapped by the Caretaker.

In "Time And Again", The Doctor seem surprised that "Kes's brain wasn't on file". he also seems surprised that another crew (the Maquis) had come on board and that no one had told him about the newcomers. But shouldn't he have noticed that already in "Caretaker". Not to mention that he did interact with Kes in "Parallax" too and according to the stardates, there were almost exactly two months between the events in "Caretaker" and the events in "Time And Again".

A gllitch in the program or did the good, old Doc suffer from amnesia?
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