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Which circles back to the bimbo who wants to make love with an alien. I suppose someone might have thought it was a realistic touch to throw in a character like that, because it's all too plausible that the writers might have met someone at a Star Trek convention who uttered such a sentiment. But this isn't some guy in Spock ears who's dreaming that Barbarella will drop into his lap. Lanel's supposed to be a medical professional. Her proposition to Riker would be extremely offensive if there were an iota of seriousness to the scene...if it had been Crusher down there and she'd stripped off for a man promising to help free her only if she performed sexual acts for him, is there anyone who wouldn't find it distasteful if not downright repulsive? (Yeah, this is Riker, not Crusher; but it's also Riker, not Kirk.) The scene skirts the specter of coercive sex by camping it up, putting Lanel in nerd glasses and having Riker promising afterward to look her up if he's ever back in her star system, but the fact that it's there diminishes the episode as a whole.
And there it is.

Yet another terrible, unprofessional, and biased pseudo-review.
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