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2009 Trek figures from Diamond Select

Many new Trek toys were revealed today at the New York ToyFair. Some we already knew about, but mainly surprises. A list:

Science Tricorder 1 2
Medical Tricorder 1 2
Geological Tricorder
Dr. McCoy in his surgeon tunic
Nurse Chapel (obviously unfinished)
Captain Kirk in green wraparound
Romulan Commander from "Balance of Terror"
Captain Kirk disguised as Romulan
"Fascinating" Spock (same as old figure, just slightly different head)
Mirror Kirk with Mirror Enterprise Captain's chair
Amok Time 2-pack (The Toyfair image isn't very good, so this pic is from TrekMovie)
Salt Vampire (announced, but not present at ToyFair)

TWOK Communicator
TWOK Phaser 1 2
TMP Kirk and Spock 2-pack
TVH Kirk and Spock (2-pack)

Enterprise-D in box, out of box

Captain Sisko with Defiant Captain's Chair
Commander Sisko (still newer commbadge though)
Gul Dukat
Gowron and Worf (Two-pack)

Seven of Nine maroon outfit, silver catsuit
Assimilated Starfleet officer
Locutus, First Contact version
generic Borg drone
Borg Queen
Borg group shot, with alcove
Borg alcove detail 1 2 3

So, what do you folks think? What are you getting?
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