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Re: Friday the 13th - Movie(remake) discussion, grading and SPOILERS

Hirogen Alpha wrote: View Post
F. Very little redeeming about this film, which was certainly the worst I've seen in several months. On the bright side, I've been promised a free ticket to Watchmen from a friend in exchange to seeing this garbage.

Jason's rise at the end was a moronic, unsuccessful attempt to replicate the end of the original. Which, looking back on, isn't that great a movie, either. But at least it was actually scary. I can't remember a moment in this movie that made me jump, or elicited much of any reaction from me.

Richard Burgi and Nana Visitor were wasted in this. What's his name from Supernatural was just there. The Asian kid who played "Chewie" (ha) had a fun scene in the garage, but it's about the only entertaining bit I can remember from the movie.
Well said, and generally I agree. More Nana Visitor would have been nice.

DarKush wrote: View Post
As I watching it I was wondering why Clay and the other girl went back to Jason's house toward the end? Did Clay leave his bike over there? If so, why did they go into the house?
I can only figure that he knew he left his bag there, with the bike keys in it, possibly the bike itself. He had no way of knowing his sister was there that I can figure.

Also, why did the tunnel lead into a bus? Did I miss something there?
I think Jason or maybe Mom did this to hide the tunnel itself.

Sometimes it was hard for me to follow some of the action due to the herky jerky camera angle. Another quibble I had was the second group of teens-I never quite got why they were friends? The first group, with Whitney, seemed to genuinely get along better. The second group seemed like a collection of mini-groups thrown together for storyline reasons. I also didn't get why Trent's girlfriend seemed totally unfazed by him cheating on her. Granted, she was afraid of Jason, but it seemed like she would've reacted in some way. Then again, it didn't make sense that she would hop on a bike with Clay when she didn't know him at all. Then again, it's a horror movie so most teen decisions don't make sense. I did think the cast was okay overall.
I agree with all of this. The jerky guy whose house it was and the girl that went off with Clay did not seem like they would actually date.
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