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Re: Pros and cons of Franz Joseph's plans

Here's some images to chew on. These are created using Dave Shaw's images, including his preliminary "Cage" outline and what I believe is his scan of the TMoST cross-section.

If we ignore the decks, bulkheads, bridge (understandably), pylons, and deflector dish size, this is a pretty good fit. Seems like a lot of exceptions, but in terms of total volume, particularly hull volume, its not that bad. Some portions of the hull (particularly around the hanger, secondary hull keel, and forward hull extend beyond Dave's outlines, but not too much. No manipulation was involved other than maneuvering the images together after making them transparent and changing colors.

Below is a horse of a different color. In line with my own ideas of the Pilot version of the bridge and Deck 2 (including the briefing room) I generated the following image with some cut-and-paste. While I don't insist that this is correct, or that all the lines are exactly where they should be, I hope that this will be found interesting. Deck 2 placement is meant to roughly align with Dave's decks, not TMoST. Which would be a different project and would involve disregarding his Phase II material. Again, its a "Sophie's Choice".

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