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Re: Friday the 13th - Movie(remake) discussion, grading and SPOILERS

F. Very little redeeming about this film, which was certainly the worst I've seen in several months. On the bright side, I've been promised a free ticket to Watchmen from a friend in exchange to seeing this garbage.

Jason's rise at the end was a moronic, unsuccessful attempt to replicate the end of the original. Which, looking back on, isn't that great a movie, either. But at least it was actually scary. I can't remember a moment in this movie that made me jump, or elicited much of any reaction from me.

Richard Burgi and Nana Visitor were wasted in this. What's his name from Supernatural was just there. The Asian kid who played "Chewie" (ha) had a fun scene in the garage, but it's about the only entertaining bit I can remember from the movie.
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