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Re: Friday the 13th - Movie(remake) discussion, grading and SPOILERS

^ I've seen the weed mentioned in a few reviews. Maybe it's intended as bait?

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BTW, Spiff, your Jason avatar freaked me right the fuck out. Nice!

I really wanted to see it today, but I didn't get a chance. Hopefully, I'll get to it over the long weekend.
So you are off on Monday(I am too but I got laid off Wed so its different)? I'd try to catch it with a lively crowd. I think it actually enhances this type movie as opposed to being a distraction.
I agree, it's the best way to see this sort of movie.

I'm thinking of seeing it this afternoon. There will still be a good crowd, because I'll probably see it in the city.

I hope everything works out with finding a new job. I'm in that boat right now, too.
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