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Bill Morris
Re: Vessel dimensions & masses

Fair enough.

Here's the quote from the article JNG linked above, from the Drex Files, which includes some beautiful photos of the fliming model, and some of Rick's design drawings.

I've recently e-mailed both Mike Okuda & Rick Sternbach regarding the theoretical length of the Ent-C. I’ve got the plans that Greg Jein used to build his model of the C, and the set includes both Rick’s original blueline plans and Greg’s enlarged xeroxes. I measured the side profile of the C in the blueline, which is in scale with the 4 ft Ent-D, and got an overall length of one gnat less than 35.75″. If you take a 48″ Ent-D model & 2108′ theoretical Ent-D, then use proportions on a 35.75″ Ent-C plan, you get a length of 1570.02 feet/478.55 meters for the theoretical Ent-C.

After checking with Mike & Rick, we've agreed that the “retro-canon” length of the Ent-C is 1570 feet/478.5 meters. The length given in the ST Encyclopedia is simply a mistake. Thus canon is given; thus canon is taketh away.

And that’s all I’ve got!


Rick, and Gary, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedules! --Drex
From that, I thought there was consensus.

Thanks for the clarification, Rick.

Anyway, if it is 478.5, then I guess it comes out like this:

Ambassador class
Length: 478.5 M
Beam: 292.92 M
Height: 116:44 M
Mass: 2,787,00 M.T.
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