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Re: Dollhouse: "Ghost" 2/13 - Grading & Discussion

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It's convoluted and boring, but I got to see Eliza Dushku in a towel.
And a white dress that showed off her sexiness as she danced the night away. Oh man! Those legs and that long flowing hair... I think this is as good as I've ever seen her.

Beyond that, I found the concept pretty intriguing. A young woman who looks to have had some ambition in life finds herself "hooking" for this "Dollhouse". How did she end up there? And what's up with this Dollhouse organization itself with its shady madam (it's nice to see Olivia Williams again) and its sometimes good/often questionable activities? Throw in Helo the FBI guy as the "antagonist" who's on to them, and you have a good thing going here.

It looks like the consensus here is that this is a bad show. I don't share that view, but I won't argue with it either. I'll keep watching as long as I'm interested and mildly entertained.

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