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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x15: "No Exit"

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I'm hoping this episode is heavy on the mythology, and exposition without being like an encyclopedia entry
gotta be a balance in there
That's pretty much what we got. Hope you liked it anyway.

I know I did.

Anyway... Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. That's 3 excellent episodes in a row. This show has done drama AND mythology very well lately and I expect more come next week.

I found myself actually leaning forward a lot of the time trying to listen and absorb what was said. I guess I really can say I was on the edge of my seat. We didn't get a tease, we got answers and lots of them.

I was right about something too. I mean besides Ellen's scenes being in the past. I asked myself this... With a whole planet full of Cylons on Earth, why did these five resurrect? I figured that they were five researchers in a facility who found a way to reincarnate elsewhere and did so after the attack. I got that part right.

I was also glad to see Dean Stockwell back. I didn't know when he'd show up again. He really delivered. Loved the Cavil stuff. Looks like pretty much everything that went on in the show was his doing. The doing of an angry child. And by the way, that mother & son moment between him and Ellen was fantastic and quite believable despite how it looked. I also liked his earlier rant about hating his humanness and wanting to be a machine. It was a reversal of a common theme about a man-made creation wanting to be more human.

Another big surprise was how they worked out the No.7 problem. I can't wait to see where this Daniel thing goes. For now it looks like a clever move.

P.S. I wish they'd get those episode descriptions right. Anders wasn't on the basestar.

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