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Re: Dollhouse: "Ghost" 2/13 - Grading & Discussion

Here's what I posted at Whedonesque:

I came into it now expecting to see BTVS/"Angel"/"Firefly", but somethign new and good from Whedon. What I saw barely had any Whedon on it at all. From the crummy motorcycle race with annoying song playing during, to just the plain "feel", it's like FOX has put their fingerprints on this.

I can live without the humor he does in other series, 'cause not every show needs it (though I miss it), but this just didn't come across strong enough on it's own emotions, and the droning, do-nothing scoring in the back ground sure didn't help.

An older review stating it was't like Dushku becoming someone else, but rather Dusku dressed as somebody else, is fairly accurate. It was like Dushku in glasses.

By the end I was bored, even felt like just turning the TV off and doing something else. Whedon has stated the show "found" it's stride in later episodes; I hope so, because I won't give this show a full 13 episodes to impress me.

Dushku: average performance, could have been a LOT better.

Olivia Williams: okay, but her character just feels empty, like it's missing something, and she's too cliched for my Whedon tastes.

Fran Kranz: completely boring. Just a walking shell who puts some lines and looks in occassionally, but I wouldn't even blink if he vanished a few episodes later.

Harry Lennix: now this character I like; just looking at hgim you get the feeling there is more to him and that he can actually act.

Rob Simonsen & Mychael Danna's score: background servicing. A composer change is strongely needed for the series.

If a 10 Star system was used, I'd have to rate the episode as a *****. If it wasn't for my love of Whedon, and the aforementioned later foot-finding of the series, I wouldn't keep tuning in.

Oh, and every show he's done had a memorable music theme, this one ... totally forgettable. A new theme is needed as well.

I just get the feeling watching this, that past Whedon comments about loving his characters and getting into their heads, just was barely here at all; it's like he just didn't care about the vast majority of the main characters.
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