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Re: Dollhouse: "Ghost" 2/13 - Grading & Discussion

I'm not too impressed so far. And a little preturbed about the premise to be honest. Especially factoring in that it was, according to rumor, borne out of a conversation that Eliza Dushku had with Joss Whedon (supposedly, they're very close, in a kind of mentor-way).

It's neat enough that I'll watch it next week, and I can tell it's got style. Acting is spotty, but hey, it's a pilot, they're never perfect acting wise. Eliza is good, I say, considering her character is 'I do not have a character.' Sleepy-time Echo is just annoying, though.

I do honestly want to see what Helo there gets up to, but the premise is just...too weird for me. Well, no...I can buy the premise, and it is intreaguing, I'm just not sure I can stomach it for the entire series run as the protagonists. My gut says that we're following the bad guys...and my gut says that Whedon knows this and will pull the rug out from under us mid-season. Coming from Whedon, it just seems kind of antithesisical (is that a word?) to some of his previous work which prided itself on the feminism and female empowerment--here, the main lead is essentially, a helpless, brainwashed slave. Like I said, my gut says it'll change and the real story is about Echo bringing DOWN this organization--if Fox lets the show get that far. Which they wont. Otherwise, I fear if I'm wrong, this is going to be a case of misaimed fandom--like all those fans which honestly see Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion as an ideal girlfriend. Those fans, I fear most of all. And if that's the case, that's actually the message that Whedon's trying to get across, then I can just picture the pitch for this show in my head:

Whedon: "Alright, yes, here's my new idea: Girls. Right? Hot girls."

Producer: "You've got my interest now, Mister Whedon, but, you've done that. Buffy. 7 years, changed television forever. Remember?"

"Right. Okay. Hot girls that bend to your every whim. They're programable, see? They can be lovers, or assassins, and--"

"Wasn't that an anime?"

"So was Firefly, nobody called me on that."

"Point. Continue. *Steeples fingers.*"

"Okay. So like I said, programmable. They bend to your every whim--if you're rich enough. That's the hook! These girls have no personality--except the one that you gave her! So it's, um, existential! And it's starring my friend Eliza..."

"Alright Whedon, enough. You want to do Eliza Dushku. That's fine, that's normal. The programable stuff, um....kinda weird. Go get some help, man. You need some therapy!"

"Right, exactly! And this is Hollywood, sooooo..."

"Good point! Here's several million dollars and a prime time slot!"

But I'll give it a few more eps before I make any real judgement on Dollhouse, aside from my snarky comments...
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