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Re: *~*~The Great J/C Thread~*~*

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I'm not really a C/7er but this pairing got me hooked first (well no wonder, I haven't seen the first half of the show when I had ben watching it for the first time). I can't express how much I love your C/7 fics! Unfortunately there are not more of them *hint hint*
Or have you given up writing ff altogether?
Aw, thanks. :blush:

I haven't given it up completely, just been way too busy with RL to do anything. I'll get back to them eventually.

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I personally always acknowledge the existence of C/7, but I would never kill Seven in my stories, or want to read one where she is killed. I like her and I aim to treat her respectfully in my stories.
Very cool. "Die Seven Die" turned me off of J/C completely. I'd never been a huge fan, but the amount of hate disguised as "humor" in some of those stories just poisoned the 'ship for me.

One thing that I liked about Seven was that she was blunt to the extreme, and yes sometimes a cold bitch. That was her way and I did not find it offending in anyway. And that was the reason why The Doc kept these social lessons for her. So the woman we saw in Endgame was, for me, someone I had not seen before. That teary, crying woman was not the Seven I had seen before or learnt to like. So Endgame was not just one big middle finger pointed towards J/Cers, but it also ruined Seven for me.
Funny, I don't remember her crying. Saddened by what the Admiral told her, saddened that she felt she had to end the relationship, but no more tears than she shed at One's death, or at Icheb's recovery.

But I like to think C/7 as I see Worf/Troi - anyone knew Troi and Riker belonged together, so Worf was a little phase in the between. And according to Voyager relaunch books, that is what it ended up to be.
I just look at Endgame as resetting the timeline. Going by the theory that anything that can happen does happen in its own quantum reality, there is now a timeline for every conceivable (and inconceivable ) 'ship. There's a J/C timeline, a C/7 timeline, a J/7 timeline, and so on.
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