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Re: Arnold On Barrett-Roddenberry

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What's documented fact, is that Richard did his job and enforced certain limitations on those writers
Limitations which should never have existed in the first place.

We have dozens, indeed hundreds, of fine novels being written today, and I doubt any of them would have been allowed under the Arnold junta. Do you seriously believe he'd let the authors get away with writing epics like Destiny? The MU trade paperbacks? Myriad Universes? Or even the Terok Nor trilogy? Not the hack who forbade any novel to make reference to any other, or for any character other than the regulars to be in any way important to the plot (although he did let slip the character of Piper, who was basically a Mary Sue writ large).
All of which is beside the point.

Making personal attacks against the man because he did his job, and did what he thought was right makes as much sense as all the attacks on B&B. It's one thing to disagree with his decisons, or the way he carried out the job he was supposed to be doing, but you don't really know him, and have no basis for making judgements about what sort of person he is.
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