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Re: TV Ratings (Wednesday 11th February)

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Lost is the number 1 DVR/Tivo show so its not all bad I guess and finals will probably push it over 10 million...Still while Idol is now using the Wed 9pm slot, I guess ABC could move it to 10pm since LoM is dead. Am going to stop watching LoM since ABC will kill it...Cannot believe I said Lost should go back to 10

I wouldn't stop watching LoM, that will just drive it further into the hole. Please try to stay on to watch, which may help with the ratings. I don't think that ABC has killed in anyway, it just takes time for some shows to find their footing. Remember that it took "Cheers" a second season for it to become popular, and with "Seinfield" too.

Also there are many Americans that don't know about the British version that are watching the show. Just remember that "Three's Company" was a British import, and that worked out fine here for a few seasons. It's just that nobody in the television business gives anyone the chance to make it anymore.

This is the only show that is on broadcast television that I watch, I don't watch anything else that are on ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC. I lost interest in the Office, and I'll just buy the Scrubs dvds. LoM is the only show that I have made the effort to remember to watch, and if it goes, then I just go back to watching cable.
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