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Re: Batman: Arkham Asylum (Video Game)

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^ Something about it when I first heard it reminded me of the guy from The Batman. I can hear Hamill in it, but he reminded me more of that one by Keith Michael Richardson. I can't explain it.
During the making of Batman Beyond : ROTJ, they deliberately asked MH to tone down his wild Joker routine, to make him seem a bit creepier by this relative calmness, among other things that involve plot spoilers. Perhaps that new take has carried over to this. Is this MH's first Joker since his JL appearance?

As we all know, when MH played the Trickster on live-action Flash, it opened the door for him to voice Joker. I loved it in JLU's final season when he voiced Trickster, but did so in what was essentially his own voice, with almost no inflection. I think that was his last voicing in the Timmverse.
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