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Re: *~*~The Great J/C Thread~*~*

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If they wanted to bring them back home safe and then start the romance, that would have been fine. But they didn't, did they?
In fanfic they do. At least in my fic. Tee hee. So I am definitely a "post-Engame J/Cer" myself. The canon did not bring them together, even though there was definitely something there, so I don't want to start fiddling with what has already been established on the series.

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C/7 might have been OK, if they'd led up to it adequately (again, nothing against the characters), although even there...what the heck was Seven's rank anyway? But they didn't, did they? So as it is, I simply loathe it. I try to pretend the whole thing didn't happen.
I personally always acknowledge the existence of C/7, but I would never kill Seven in my stories, or want to read one where she is killed. I like her and I aim to treat her respectfully in my stories.

One thing that I liked about Seven was that she was blunt to the extreme, and yes sometimes a cold bitch. That was her way and I did not find it offending in anyway. And that was the reason why The Doc kept these social lessons for her. So the woman we saw in Endgame was, for me, someone I had not seen before. That teary, crying woman was not the Seven I had seen before or learnt to like. So Endgame was not just one big middle finger pointed towards J/Cers, but it also ruined Seven for me.

But I like to think C/7 as I see Worf/Troi - anyone knew Troi and Riker belonged together, so Worf was a little phase in the between. And according to Voyager relaunch books, that is what it ended up to be.

What comes to J/C fanfic, there are so many stories out there that I have hard time to pick one as my fav.

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