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Re: *~*~The Great J/C Thread~*~*


I'm not really a C/7er but this pairing got me hooked first (well no wonder, I haven't seen the first half of the show when I had ben watching it for the first time). I can't express how much I love your C/7 fics! Unfortunately there are not more of them *hint hint*
Or have you given up writing ff altogether?


I partially agree with you, too. I try to stay true to the characters, therefore J/C (nearly) always behave in my fanfic until they are back home Or they have to have a damn good reason to cross the line while still in the DQ...


It's really hard to pick one! But in the connection to what I said above, Filling The Void by Spiletta would be my favorite! The author agrees that it would take J/C a lot to come together in the DQ and shows us how much would be needed for them to cross the line... all the moral consequenses included.
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