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Re: Watching Farscape for the first time (limited spoilers please)

Oh wow you're in for some good times!

The first season is unrepresentative of the show as a whole. It underwent a serious change in its character and whole approach near the end of the first season - going from something that seemed too kiddie to something far more adult. Watch the premiere, then if you get bored, watch "PK Tech Girl," "Durka Returns," and start watching in earnest with "A Bug's Life."

And when you get to "Bad Timing" at the end of S4, no spoilers, but just remember: some of us watched that thinking that was the end of the whole series! The preceding episode was titled "We're So Screwed." Well, it's funny now.

And I am shocked and amazed Netflix doesn't have S1! What the frak errrr frell is going on!?!?!
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