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Re: *~*~The Great J/C Thread~*~*

Is it OK for an anti-J/Cer to post here as long as I don't "bash"? Because I definitely didn't like it one eensy teensy tiny little bit. Nothing against either character, and in fact I like them both a whole lot, but having the captain and the first officer romantically involved is just icky and incestuous. In fact, in the current military here in the U.S. of A., it could be a punishable (probably a court martial) offense, and I think there are excellent reasons why.

I realize that things are, for some reason, different in the Trek universe, but I don't understand why. People are still people, so I don't see why having a superior romantically involved with a subordinant (a commander involved with someone under his/her command) isn't still an extremely bad idea. It's called "fraternization," and it's just as bad of an idea when it happens on a ship as when it happens in, say, an office. In fact, it's probably worse - CEOs seldom have to command anyone in battle.

If they wanted to bring them back home safe and then start the romance, that would have been fine. But they didn't, did they?

C/7 might have been OK, if they'd led up to it adequately (again, nothing against the characters), although even there...what the heck was Seven's rank anyway? But they didn't, did they? So as it is, I simply loathe it. I try to pretend the whole thing didn't happen.

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