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Re: *~*~The Great J/C Thread~*~*

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Who talked about Seven bashing? I find Seven alright, C/7 not.
I guess the picture you posted sort of implies it. Some J/Cers want to see Seven hurt for "stealing Chakotay," but I don't feel that way. The stupid writers on the other hand... (just kidding)
Hey, Joy. Hope you're who I think you are, lest I'm now making a fool of myself... Wouldn't be the first time.

Anyway, hello, all. I'm teya and I'm a C/7er. I promise you I won't destroy your thread.

Just a small request--to try and keep the C/7 bashing to a minimum, if you could, bearing in mind that this is not a J/C-only board and some of us like things that you do not and vice versa. We are all Voyager fans and I certainly hope we can get along.
Hi Teya, yeah it's me. C/7 sucks! (You know I'm just kidding. I even defended C/7 occasionally in the interest of fairness, even though I always kick myself afterward. I thought I'd provide you with a little positive proof that I am exactly who you think I am.)
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