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Re: Vessel dimensions & masses

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Good one. Okay. So Mike Okuda, Rick Sternbach, and Doug Drexler all agree on changing the overall length of the Ambassador class to 478.5 meters, based on new measurements and calculations. I'll update that accordingly.
We don't all agree on changing the length of the Ent-C to 478.5 meters. Mike wants to leave it where it is, and I don't think Doug has expressed an opinion. Gary Kerr and I discussed the model and how my original blueprints got enlarged, probably by the VFX office, before they got to Greg Jein. Gary and I now maintain that the model still represents a ship that is 478.5 meters in length, and that the model is a different scale from the four foot Ent-D. And that's the breaking starship news up to the moment.

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