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Re: S.S. Enterprise UEV-47

Well a few notes for you.
1 - Legacy was scripted so to cover many old references such as how the Borg & Vger are linked, how Picard got his command, the omega particle / directive, 2260's Federation / Klingon War & in TOS there is mention to Earth using nuclear weapons.
2 - Legacy is canon, though I wouldn't regard a few of the ships as canon when it's clear that they're just been added to the specific era's due to there been a lack of available unit class' to choose from.
3 - Until around 2200 the United Federation is known as the Confederation from what I can tell.
4 - Finally you might what to look up as your ideas sound like they could fit into that timeline. Also look up the Comet class there as they were the testbeds for the Daedalus.
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