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Re: S.S. Enterprise UEV-47

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Two questions not related to the UEV-47.

1) Do you mean they literally donated each part, and if so, did they do this for each Daedalus class ship?
I'm planning for it to be sort of like the international space station. But looking at it realistically they would probably only do this for the first couple ships. Until all the construction facilities got tooled up for building the new class. I'm kind of using this to explain why the Daedalus design looks the way it does(aka sphere, stick, metal tank, warp engines).

2) How will you depict the Romii?
Currently Romii will be a dark "evil" world. Even the bravest Romulan generals will be afraid of it. But to be honest, I don't know why yet.

Sin87 wrote:
I don't think they donated as at the very beginning of Star Trek Legacy the fleet commander states that in the last two years (2157-59) Earth has come along way in space development (Because of the NX-01) & that by May of 2159 there's only been 5 Daedalus class' starships launched & at least three of them (USS Bach NCC-174, USS Pilgrim NCC-178 & USS Nightingale NCC-192) are medical ships.
I've never played Star Trek Legacy before. In fact just now is my first time looking it up. I'll have to check it out further. But as far as that goes the only "history" I consider authoritative is the Big Four(TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY) and movies 1-10. So any Earth-Romulan War history mentioned in those is what I make sure is in the story. Anything else, I feel, is free game.

Also in my story the Daedalus class will be launched during 2161 as the first starship built by the Federation. Earth would still be using "ringships" as primary vehicles. Martians who got their tech from Mr. Cochrane would still be using linear warp nacelles, as their warp technology was developed differently than Earths.

But anyway about Star Trek Legacy, looks like a cool game. I've never played Star Trek games much. I have a next Generation one that was pretty fun and a dream helped me get past one of the puzzles.
Star Trek (The Complete Voyages)
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