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Re: Three Tuvok episodes - Meld, Gravity and Riddles.

I certanly enjoyed Meld and Gravity alot. Always liked the character of Tuvok. However I can't stand Riddles because of its very lame reset at the end. It's as if all of the episode was for nothing really. Tuvok didn't gain any insight. Or so it seemed to me.
I can't stand the final scene. The man should have least changed his attitude to Neelix, hell he should have thanked him (in the typical Tuvok way "I owe you a debt of gratitude..." but still...) and grown a greater respect for his (recently found?) artistic and creative abilities and for Neelix as well...
The "sunday" remark hardly makes up for this. The B storyline with the Aliens also kinda made the episode weaker I think. Not because it was bad but because it needed it's own episode...and we needed more Tuvok with emotions scenes..=p
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