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Re: Hustle renewed for 6th series

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Thanks for the heads-up on this! Now I can finally update my Hustle review site!

I didn't even realise they were doing season 5 at the moment. The last news I had heard was that the cast had gone its separate ways and were unlikely to be reunited.

I think season one was by far the best, but it remained a very 'fun' and entertaining show, with great chemistry, so I'm looking forward to seasons 5 and 6.

Great news that Adrian Lester is back - he's a strong on-screen presence, and the show didn't work as well with Danny as leader.
Series 5 finishes tonight, here in the UK. They're apparently working on a deal for a movie, with Fox, set in the US and including the whole cast, but I don't think there's been much said about that since they announced series 5.

From Digital Spy

t seems it's feast or famine for you Hustle fans.

After a long period of waiting for confirmation, last month it was announced that a fifth series was going into production for transmission later this year. Now I can reveal an added bonus... Hustle: The Movie!

That's right, a big screen version of the con artist drama is currently in the works. Details are patchy, but Fox is thought to be behind the project, which is being penned by Tony Jordan.

Cast member Jaime Murray confirmed the news to me at the weekend, saying that the script had already been written and she was "definitely" on board.

Murray - currently starring in FX's Dexter, which began its second season at the weekend - will not be part of the lineup for series five, however. "I'm so sad," she said. "I'm going to miss those guys so much. I love the production team, the producers and the actors. It just wasn't going to work, schedule-wise. Fingers crossed at some time in the future, we all get reunited."
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