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Re: Hustle renewed for 6th series

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But i have to ask myself, why do i continually pick and enjoy shows that seem to have a miserly six episodes a year, Hustle, The It crowd, Screen wipes......
Yeah 6 episodes just isn't enough when you like a show. Then again I think american tv goes too far the other way having 20+ eps a season. I can make shows drag, and encourages padding (a lot of passing in some instances)
whilst yes alot of US shows have padding, the US is much better at padding episodes than the UK
Is it? There's an awful lot of padding in US shows. A lot of the time they could tell the story in a 22 episode season within 12 episodes easily, and you can end up with some real clunkers in there. Sure there are some fantastic shows out there, but I think the main shows over here that pad are fairly rubbish to start off with.
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