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Re: TV Ratings (Tuesday 10th February)

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Hmm... on Fringe we learn that the show is about parallel universes... and the rating is down two million... coincidence?
That doesn't make any sense.

According to you, people stopped watching BEFORE they found out your reason for them leaving? (The reveal wasn't until the end.)

Yeah. No sense.
Can we keep the Fringe spoilers down a little or hidden since I plan to start the show in the summer and it seems I know the biggest twist now

Fringe will be fine though FOX should move a different show to actually use the Idol lead in like House, which on a Idol night could push close to 20 million. Lets face it SCC should of always followed a Idol in the 1st place.

infact FOX I would launch any pilots in the future after Idol for 100% exposure, I mean Dollhouse
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