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Three Tuvok episodes - Meld, Gravity and Riddles.

Tuvok is one of my favorite characters in Voyager. I did not like him a lot at first, but I learnt to appreciate him later on.

Three Tuvok episodes - Meld, Gravity, and Riddles where, in my opinion, Tim Russ' talent shone through like no other. And episodes, which I like a lot. Tim is such a great actor who really made the best of the Tuvok character. So which one of these three did you like best and why?

For me it goes like this:

1. Meld - what a great episode! The contemplation of the consequences of the meld and how it affected on Tuvok was brilliant. And the concept of how to punish a murdered under their circumstances was an issue that stirred thoughts.

2. Gravity - We saw Tuvok between logic and fondness. I also liked the fact that Tom and Tuvok were in the centre of this episode. I was something we did not see often. The final scene in transporter room was quite touching.

3. Riddles - I like the Neelix/Tuvok interaction in this one. It showed the side of their "affiliation" that was not necessarily seen before this episode. Alongside Tim's great acting, I liked the Seven/Neelix scene in the mess hall.
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