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Re: Friday the 13th - Movie(remake) discussion, grading and SPOILERS

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I took a buddy with me, huge horror fan (he gave me the Jason costume in the first place), and he really enjoyed it, judgin' by his, "Oh, shit!" "Oh, fuck!" "Oh, he's goin' to get axed!" comments durin' the movie.
Exactly what was going on in my theater.
These type movies tend to be interactive and that seems acceptable with these slasher flicks. I'd be pissed if someone was talking about what Joker might do next in TDK but not "Oh, hell that wood chipper is back in play" isn't a comment that irritates me during this type movie.
Well, unless its someone literally yellin' at the screen, "What are ya doin' runnin' 'round in the woods at night for?!" I don't think anyone really complains.

It probably helped that he & I had pretty isolated seats - the aisle on his side, a gap for a handicap/wheelchair patron on my side, and an aisle in front of us, seperatin' our row from the front rows of the theater.

Had a few friends over tonight, to watch the original Friday the 13th (the new deluxe uncut edition on DVD), and a couple of 'em didn't even know that Jason wasn't the killer in the movie. When Mrs Voorhees showed up, the girl asked, "Well, who is that supposed to be?"
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