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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--Background Thread

All right,'s the final Sigils and Unions emblem!

Robert--I know I didn't take your advice exactly as you had in mind, but you did get me thinking about how much I had on the paper at one time. What I saw of Ziyal's art style made me realize I needed to bring out a bit more of the austerity of Cardassian art. (Her subjects were often quite delicate and nature-oriented, but the colors and austerity of the art seemed very Cardassian, to me.) I ended up striking my name instead.

I altered the "Cardassian font" to focus less on readability and more on style, so I felt keeping the truly English script was more important than keeping the name.

As still is not "perfect." But I WANT the traditional, drawn-by-hand look, instead of the sleek, computer-perfect look.
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