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Re: S.S. Enterprise UEV-47

I'll have to find my notes on the speed of the S.S. Enterprise. I did find a file I did on warps speed charts. I guess I spoke too soon earlier the S.S. Ent is capable of about the same speed as the NX-01. About warp 5.5 (TOS chart) or warp 16 (2140 chart).

I'll post some bits of my Earth - Romulan War story in another thread. The founding members of the Federation will consist of the Humans, Martians, Alpha Centaurians, Vulcans, Tellarites, Andorians, the little gold people from Journey to Babel. The main enemies will be the Romulans(obviously), Reman slaves, and the Romii. THere will probably be others eventually.

Anyway back to the ships. In my story each founding member donated parts to build the Daedalus class.

Spherical Hull - little gold people
Sphere Pylon - Humans
Warp Engines - Martians
Bridge - Alpha Centaurians
Navigational Deflector - Vulcans
Impulse Engines - Andorians
Engineering Hull -Tellarites
Star Trek (The Complete Voyages)
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