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Re: Lost 5x05: "This Place is Death"

Oh I just remembered something else. Christian seemed to indicate the reason why the time flashes are screwing with everyone is because Ben pulled the wheel and not Locke. I didn't see that coming. I guess it has to be the actual true spiritual leader of the Others to pull the trigger, and not the disgraced former leader? If this is true, then I really doubt Widmore was the true spiritual leader who Donkey Wheeled the Island back in the 50s/1992 and got exiled for it.

Ah! Theory! In 1992 the Others kill of Dharma in the Purge. The decision was Widmore's, who at that time was the leader alongside Alpert. Ben, who can see Jacob, conned them all. He said that Jacob said to move the Island and Widmore had to do it. This exiled Widmore from the Island and made Ben the new leader. This is why Widmore wants revenge on Ben for taking "his" Island.
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